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Flyboarding Newport

Flyboarding Newport is ready to get you out on the water…and up in the air!!!

Flyboarding is an extreme sport that is taking the world (and Rhode Island) by storm. Flyboarding Newport is ready to give you the flyboarding experience right off Aquidneck Island.

First, our certified flyboarding instructors will give you a quick class on shore, before taking you out on the water to start your session. Most first-time flyboard users are able to get up in the air within 10 minutes and can achieve heights of 10-20 feet before their first session is through.

Whether you’ve done every other extreme sport on the planet…or you just heard about flyboarding and want to give it a shot, book us now!

Sessions are available for 30 minutes or longer and we can offer discounts for large groups.

Ages 16 and up.